SOFTWARE-TESTING in labs is history

What is Crowdtesting?

About Crowdtesting

Crowdsourced testing is an emerging trend in software testing which exploits the benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of crowdsourcing. It differs from traditional testing methods in that the testing is carried out by a number of different testers from different places, and not by hired consultants and professionals. The software is put to test under diverse realistic platforms which makes it more reliable, cost-effective, fast, and bug-free.

Explorative Testing

The testers comb through your product as you wish, without any knowing your product very well. They document anything they notice while testing your product. A thorough documentation includes: bugs, spelling errors, suggestions and ambiguities.

Functional Testing

The testers are given specific scenarios which will be tested in predetermined steps. The heterogeneity of the tester approximates a realistic testing environment.


The testers check and make suggestions for improvements that optimize the operation of your product inorder to make it more user friendly.

Dedicated Testteam

A new tester will often find long existing bugs, as the internal testers overlook such bugs because they know the product very well already. Therefore it is profitable to simply hire new testers from our crowdtesting database.


Why do I need Crowdtesting?

Testing is an important component of software development. There is basically no bug-free software but the question is, to what extent can one discover bugs and eliminate these? Crowdtesting can assist the Quality Assurance with its advantages:

Worldwide and 24/7

Have access to tester resources anywhere in the world. Plan and execute tests at any time.

Cost effectiveness

Costs are only generated when using our services. Services used can be scaled to your company's needs.


In addition to heterogeneity of knowledge and culture of our crowd, they are also in possession of a variety in devices and platforms. This testing environment can only be recreated at very high costs in a conventional test laboratory.

Realistic test executions

Crowdtesting enables you to have your product tested by a crowd of real users, before it is launched live.


Why TESTTailor?

We not only offer you a wide international crowdtesting platform but also individual support, should you wish for it. Benefit from our expertise.



Adarsh Mehta

Adarsh Mehta

Founder & CEO View Details
Adarsh Mehta

Adarsh Mehta

Founder & CEO

Adarsh ist gebürtiger Inder und lebt seit 1995 in Deutschland. 14 Jahre lang koordinierte er die Entwicklung und Qualitätssicherung für Unternehmen wie IBM, Max-Planck-Institut Nijmegen, Limora, Netviewer (Citrix), ClickandBuy (Deutsche Telekom) und Sedo (United Internet Group). Er kennt somit die Ansprüche von kleinen, mittelständischen und großen Kunden genau und nimmt nun mit viel Erfahrung für TESTTailor das Zepter in die Hand.



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